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HOME WATCH: For Your Peace of Mind

Home Watch:  For Your Peace of Mind
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What is HOME WATCH, you ask?

HOME WATCH is designed to give you peace of mind while you are away. Your property is professionally inspected based on a personalized checklist we come up with together with you, based on the property and your specific needs and concerns. Basic, or intricate, we can handle the job.

Why do I need HOME WATCH?

Your property is a valuable investment which deserves professional oversight by a fully insured management company while you are away; an experienced yet affordable management company that will do a thorough inspection of your property and follow-up with a detailed report sent to you immediately upon completion.

Trusts & Insurance Carriers may also require there be a presence at a property while being held vacant, and we’ve even seen a discount apply at times!

How do I know if there is a problem?

We will inspect your property regularly according to our tailored contract and report any issues to you immediately. With our detailed inspection report, you can be assured that each item is getting our full attention every visit.

Can you help me with household tasks other than checking on my property?

We can coordinate access and meet authorized repair and utility providers, accept deliveries on your behalf, and other services upon request.

Can I request a special visit?

If you feel the need for an additional visit for any reason, we will complete an additional inspection for you upon written request.

What if there is an emergency?

If something happens outside of our scheduled visits, our 24/7 emergency line is available to all clients, and can be used along with security systems, protocols, and neighborhood contacts. We will be your local “boots on the ground” whenever needed.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured.


 Inspect for Storm Damages
Observe any Forced Entry / Vandalism
 Water Indoor Plants
 Bring in Newspapers / Flyers
 Collect Mail & Advise of Important Envelopes / Packages
 Check for Plumbing Failures
 Discourage Frozen / Broken Pipes
 Flush / Check Toilet Function
 Run Faucets for Water Flow
 Run Garbage Disposals when necessary
 Verify Thermostat Settings
 Ensure HVAC Functionality
 Investigate any Potential Pest Issues
 Security System Operation

Become Emergency Contact while Owner is away
 Reset Appliances & Breakers after Power Outages
 Verify proper Refrigerator & Freezer Function
 *Replace Smoke & CO Detector Batteries as Needed
 *Replace Lightbulbs when Requested
 *Install &/or Adjust Light Timers
 Adjust Blinds etc.
 Ensure All Doors & Windows Remain Locked
 Inspect for Door / Window Screen Damages
 Start & Run Vehicle During Inspection
 Verify Shingle & Siding Condition where Viewable
 Review Overall Condition of Exterior
 Other Items Specific to Your Property

*Replacement of bulbs, batteries, light timers, etc. will not include the cost of materials

Cardinal Point HOME WATCH will assist you in protecting and maintaining your investment, providing peace of mind while you are away.

Call Today to Discuss Your Property.